International meeting of the Orienta4VET project in Leiria (Portugal) to promote access and innovation in VET.

  • 15-04-2024

On April 11 and 12, the third in-person meeting of the partners from the different European countries (Germany, Portugal, Catalonia, Romania and Denmark) that make up the Orienta4VET project consortium took place in Leiria (Portugal). This project aims to improve access and completion of Vocational Training (VET) programs, aligning its lines of work with three of the specific priorities of the KA220-VET program: 1) increasing the visibility and attractiveness of VET, 2) increase the flexibility of VET opportunities and 3) contribute to innovation in VET.

During the meeting, progress was reviewed in three key products (PR) of the project. PR1, a guide to vocational training strategies has already been completed, assessing the incorporation of representative experiences in each context based on the proposals made by the vocational training centers participating in the project. PR2 dealt with the development of an interactive map that describes the VET itineraries, essential to increase the flexibility and orientation of students. Finally, PR3 focused on the development of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that will include innovative content such as video interviews and specific educational modules, which will help reinforce orientation and attractiveness in VET.

The project partners are committed to working on strategies that facilitate access, continuity and completion of VET, thus significantly contributing to the improvement of vocational education at European level.

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